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Notes from the 5 March 2020 community call

Update from the Foundation for Public Code


On the call:

Call notes

We discussed whether we needed to separate requirements related to governance into their own criteria in the Standard. Right now it’s mostly baked into the criteria Welcome contributions. We have previously discussed how governance is handled in the Standard. We agreed to look into this more, especially now when some of the codebases we are working with are in the phase of developing their governance structures.

We also discussed whether the Standard had just accumulated more text during the last releases, and if there was a need to review possible redundancies or obsolete parts. We had no clear answer but made a note to do a review before the next release.

Lastly, we discussed how we could highlight vendors with experience of developing Standard-compliant code. Perhaps we could publish a list of vendors that support the Standard on our website: “These are vendors you could call”. To get on the list, a vendor could do a pull request and ask the public organization they worked with to review it.

Since we also have had some trouble with the stability of Jitsi as video call platform for the community calls, we decided to move back to Hangout meets.