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2 April 2020 community call


Update from the Foundation

  • We have launched a website for Signalen at
  • Laura has joined the Foundation for Public Code as Membership developer


We discussed whether the ‘How to test’ sections are appropriate for the Standard for Public Code or if those sections are currently something more vague and similar to ‘Key questions to ask’. This was in part prompted by issue #80.

We discussed the importance of being able to clearly test the Standard’s MUST requirements, since these tests are how we check whether a contribution to a codebase is compliant with the Standard. Further, it would be useful to be able to easily track which requirement a specific test actually tests for. It was mentioned that a matrix could be developed for this purpose, which could be put in an annex. However, we came to the conclusion that we shouldn’t let the layout determine such issues.

The outcome of the discussion was that, yes, we would like to make an overview of that section, and that a new issue that supersedes #80 should be created where the finer details could be discussed and documented.