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Notes: February 2021 Foundation for Public Code community call

In this community call, we talked through our thinking about as a product (pull request #169), and demo’d our wireframes.


  • Alba Roza
  • Ben Cerveny
  • Boris van Hoytema
  • Claus Mullie
  • Elena Findley-de Regt (chair)
  • Eric Herman
  • Felix Faassen
  • Jan Ainali
  • Laura Scheske
  • Martin Dias d’Ullois
  • Rasmus Frey
  • Ryan Conlan (guest speaker)

Short update from the Foundation for Public Code

Call summary

The substance of the call started with short presentation of the product requirements document for the evolution of by Ryan (designer) and Elena (communications coordinator).

There was time for questions and conversation afterward.

Some questions focused on specific wording in the document, such as the seemingly contradictory aims to be both “future looking” and “timeless”. Others considered the broader process of contributing to the Foundation for Public Code, and whether these changes to made that easier or harder.

People were enthusiastic about the new media center, which will showcase news and stories from our codebase communities. Martin advocated for increasing the visibility of the Standard for Public Code.

Regarding the goals set out in the product requirements document, Martin suggested we focus on positioning the Foundation for Public Code to be “really, really broadly accessible”.

Ryan explained our intent to amplify the current site’s invitations to collaborate (across and its subdomains).

Laura wondered about how people could contribute in the future as the changes outlined in the product requirements document were implemented; Elena proposed using future community calls for regular updates and feedback as the site evolves. Ryan and Elena also have regular coworking sessions, which they offered to open to the community.

Rasmus joked that instead of revamping the OS2 website, he would wait until we’d implemented all these changes on and then fork it. He noted that integrated functionality for signing up to events or newsletters was critical, and not something he’d seen covered in the presentation.