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Notes from the Standard for Public Code community call - 2 December 2021


The most prominent changes in version 0.2.2

We recapped the following changes and the reasoning behind them.

You can also read the full release notes.

Add vendor and platform independence as a criterion #47

We started the discussion from the following suggestion:

Required services and platforms SHOULD be available from multiple vendors.

After a quite long discussion, this was deemed to be a good phrasing.

In addition, the discussion also lead to a suggestion for a new requirement:

The development of the code base SHOULD be a collaboration between multiple parties.

We liked this idea about highlightng how important collaboration is for increasing the independence in each organization as it goes beyond the current requirement stating a codebase SHOULD be reused by multiple parties. It also connects to a newly created issue: Review the use of ‘reuse’ #543.

While talking, we also identified a need of expanding the value of this under the sections “Why this is important” in several criteria.

Community translations

We briefly informed about the new community translations for the Standard for public Code.