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Notes from the Standard for Public Code community call - 3 February 2022


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Continuing on our last community call we want to dig further into how existing policies, laws, regulations and strategies, applicable to and made by a public organization, make demands on codebases developed by them.

This discussion has a long history and several related issues:


In this call we started by taking a good look at the suggestions made in issue #568 which we felt provided a good start for an update of the criterion. After some discussion, this valuable input helped us towards the idea that we could make two substantial improvments.

First, we felt the need of expanding on the section “Why this is important”, especially since this criterion is what really makes the Standard for Public Code unique.

Then we also recognized the need for an expansion under “Policy makers: what you need to do” in order to make it clear that policy, according to our glossary, has a wider meaning than in the general language.

We ended the call by creating a draft pull request with changes to partially address both these realizations.