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7 July 2022 Standard for Public Code community call notes


Updates from the Foundation


We used a whiteboard to collaboratively coming up with points for the roadmap. The points were placed in the categories Now, Next and Later. Some were also identified to block version 1.0 or depend on it.

The output, shown below in the original board, an exported image and text, will be used as a starting point to write a roadmap that gets added to the repository for the standard.

Check the actual Excalidraw board.

Post-its spread out on a board


  • Demonstrate good example codebases of each criterion (especially Bundle policy and code)
  • Clarify computer code vs policy text in requirements
  • Remove multiple bullet point requirements
  • Fold in feedback e.g.: findability, modularity
  • Work through the issue backlog
  • Separate executive summary


  • Links to examples of Standard-compliant implementations
  • Put “Why is this important” before requirements
  • Possibly: add in the illustrations for each criterion
  • As far as possible, make the standard standard compliant


  • Certification badges
  • Physical paper checklist

Blocking version 1.0

  • Becoming validated by multiple codebases
  • Update criteria URL

Depending on version 1.0

  • Linkable requirements
  • New cover art
  • Register for ISBN
  • List with an on-demand book printing service