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1 September 2022 Standard for Public Code community call notes


Updates from the Foundation


This call was a questions and answers session, prompted by the upcoming version 0.4.0 release, but all questions were welcome.

Q: Do you have a list of every codebase that uses the Standard? A: No, but it is an interesting idea. We know that the codebases we steward use it. In Signalen and Openzaak there are Dutch municipalities using it (7 and counting for Signalen, more than 10 through Dimpact for OpenZaak). One Dutch province is using it through Omgevingsbeleid. There are more codebases referring to it if one searches GitHub for “Standard for Public Code”. While a field in publiccode.yml has been discussed, no formal proposal has been made yet.

Q: What do you think about platform dependencies (like GitHub Actions) or unit tests requiring fake data? A: That is very important to consider in order to ensure collaboration. In general, the Standard should cover it through the requirements, and some extra guidance was added in 0.2.3.

Q: When is the last chance to comment on the upcoming release? A: We plan to release on Wednesday, September 7, but corrections and comments are always welcome.

Q: We have made this decision tree to help figure out if a codebase can be published as open source. Could something similar be useful for the Standard? A: Yes! We have had plans to create some sort of self evaluation guide ourselves for a long time, but we have not found a good framework. This will be very helpful.

Q: Are you on Twitter? A: Yes, find us @publiccodenet.

Q: Will you be going to any events this fall? A: We’re confirmed at Open Source Lisbon in October and have a few other submissions pending.