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Episode one of Let’s talk about public code!

Recently we shared the news about our new podcast Let’s talk about public code. Now that the premier is over, we would like to share all the streaming and listening links in case you missed the livestream. We also want to thank Dr. Arnau Monterde, coordinator of the popular project Decidim, who honored us with a lovely chat in this first episode.

Where can I find the video?

The video is available in a number of places:

Screenshot of the podcast

Where can I find the podcast?

Do you prefer to listen to just the audio? Then you’re in for a treat! We’ve published a polished version of the interview at It is also available on most podcast players, so take a few secsonds to subscribe and never miss an episode:

What’s next?

The next episode will be livestreamed on October 13, and we will be talking to Rasmus Frey, business manager of OS2. OS2 is a Danish public community that specifies, develops and governs digital solutions by municipalities and for municipalities. Make sure to tune in on October 13th or subscribe to our podcast to catch this interview!