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Episode three of Let’s talk about public code!

In the third episode we talked to Sergei Maertens from Maykin Media and Tjerk Vaags from Contezza. How can you design a process for handling Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures in a collaborative codebase? We learned how they handled a security issue in OpenZaak. Hopefully this will inspire you as you consider what your project would do in the same situation.

You will find the podcast at or by searching in your favorite podcast app.

Alba, Eric, Sergei and Tjerk chatting in a video chat grid

Where can I find the video?

The video is available in a number of places:

What’s next?

The next episode will be livestreamed on March 2, and we will be talking to Lea Hemetsberger, Communications and Project Manager of Open & Agile Smart Cities. Open & Agile Smart Cities is building the foundation for a global market where digital services can scale sustainably together with their international member cities and partner organisations, and based on their core values – openness, agility, and cooperation. Make sure to tune in on March 2nd or subscribe to our podcast to catch this interview!