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Newsletter: March 2021

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Welcome to our March newsletter. Our 🎉 🎉 highlights this month were:

  1. The city of ’s-Hertogenbosch is now using Signalen, making it the 2nd city after Amsterdam to rely on Signalen for core functions. This is only possible due to the community’s dedication to making Signalen more easily reusable in the last year.
  2. We published our operations handbook! Explore how we manage our finances, procurement, office, tools, staff, and staff information.
  3. We released version 0.2.1 of the Standard for Public Code - see what’s changed.

Codebase stewardship

We have 3 codebases under stewardship: Signalen, OpenZaak and Omgevingsbeleid.

The codebase stewards also met with 4 new codebases to explore potential future stewardship in March.


Signalen hosted their 2nd community day on 22 March, attracting over 55 potential replicators and vendors.

There’s increasing international interest in Signalen - Ghent (Belgium) joined the community day, and Helsingborg (Sweden) is testing a demo version.

Signalen moved closer to Standard for Public Code compliance by fully meeting the criterion Publish with an open license.


The OpenZaak community is consolidating healthy community practices. This month they set up a mailing list for upcoming early release notices, and started planning a retro on the market consultation held last year. The technical steering team also pruned the backlog; based on this, the product steering team will now decide what to prioritize for procurement and development.


The codebase stewards and Omgevingsbeleid team are designing workshops on essential skills for open technical and product management of a public codebase.

Members and membership

We’re exploring how to help current members be more closely involved in the Foundation for Public Code’s governance.

We had potential membership discussions with 3 national governments and 2 cities.

Board of Directors

Two members of our board have resigned. We’re enormously grateful to Arnout Schuijff and Pieter van der Does for their support and hard work over the years.

We’ll share more about our search for new board members soon.

Running the Foundation for Public Code

Our Operations Coordinator Deborah Meibergen gave an introduction to our operations at our March Foundation for Public Code community call - watch the livestream.

We’re hard at work on our annual report and community tools that will be ready in April.


We had lots of interesting discussions in March. Check out:

We also ran sessions at Mozilla Festival on how public code can transform the future of cities and how individuals can affect their government’s technology choices.

Upcoming community calls

We’d love to see you at our monthly community calls:

  • Standard for Public Code call, 1st Thursday of the month, 15.00 CEST
  • Foundation for Public Code call, 3rd Thursday of the month, 15.00 CEST

The topic is published the week before the call.