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Newsletter: April 2021

Welcome to our April newsletter! April included two public holidays, so our month was a bit more relaxed than usual.

Our highlights this month were:

In May, join us for:

  • 6 May: Podcast episode 5 livestream - we’ll talk to Amy van Someren about ‘s-Hertogenbosch’s experience as the first Signalen replicator
  • 6 May: Standard for Public Code community call on vendor and platform independence
  • 20 May: Foundation for Public Code community call - help pick the topic!

Codebase stewardship

Things are ticking along in the codebases we steward.

OpenZaak had a busy month:

The Signalen community has been hard at work - we’ll have more to share next month. In the meantime, read an update on what’s next for Signalen from a Signalen community member (in Dutch).

The Omgevingsbeleid front end repository is now public!

The codebase stewards ran a governance workshop with the OpenStad community.

Running the Foundation for Public Code

We’ve been focused on:

  • Our first annual report, including establishing templates for appropriate annual financial reporting. The report will be published shortly
  • Creating a salary framework and implementing performance management; including meeting with experts for advice
  • We’ve built a community Jitsi instance for which anyone can sign up to create an account. It includes a user interface we’ve built using the open source software we started out with. The repository to fork the software will be available soon
  • Migrating from Travis to Github Actions for our own repos
  • Opening up our Nextcloud instance for our community. They can use ONLYOFFICE to collaborate on office documents in real-time, or use it for secure file sharing

We expect some of these projects to launch later this month - keep an eye out!


We’ve had ongoing conversations this month with 4 cities, plus conversations about national-level support or membership with civil servants from 2 countries.


Catch up with:

See you next month! Or say hi in the meantime.