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Launch of strategic council

The Foundation for Public Code is delighted to announce the launch of our strategic council. Strategic council experts advise the Foundation for Public Code board of directors on key strategic decisions and serve as ambassadors for its mission.

“From pandemics to politics, the times at hand have certainly reminded us without a doubt about the importance of the public, the commons, the collective - and how necessary it is to embed it deep into our culture code, to create the very foundations of our infrastructures with an open and collaborative ethos at their core. And with the digital realm nowadays influencing most everything of contemporary life, we urgently need more imaginative paradigms of what is possible, going beyond the hyper corporate smart cities paradigm, and instead enabling more ways to have public value become the defining catalyst and articulator.

The Foundation of Public Code is a great example of the new type of institutions we need to take this mission seriously. I am excited to be part of this adventure, and hope my experience working on experimental practices and emerging processes will help shape the agenda to come.” – Gabriella Gómez-Mont

The strategic council’s initial members are:

  • Leslie Hawthorn, chair (Manager - Vertical Community Strategy, Red Hat Open Source Program Office)
  • Gabriella Gómez-Mont (Principal at Experimentalista, former Chief Creative Officer of Mexico City)

There are additional appointments underway.

Further reading

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