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Types of codebases to strategically steward

A month ago we asked for feedback on types of codebases for stewardship. This is one of our end-of-year goals for the codebase stewards which connects to our roadmap.

We got some feedback, and have been doing some more thinking of our own as well. This is why we now can publish a first version of out wish list of types of codebases we desire for direct stewardship. Obviously, we hope to learn more over time, so this is not a definitive list for all time. Rather we imagine that we will iterate and fine tune this while we are having conversations in our community.

With that, here is our current list:

  • Legislation and policy making
    • Public budgeting
  • Participatory democracy
  • Border control / refugee support
  • Climate change
  • Environmental sciences and biodiversity
  • Public information / transparency
    • Algorithm registers
    • Open source software catalogs
    • Open Data portals
    • Public records / minutes / freedom of information portal
    • Long term data and documents archival
  • Residents and citizens
    • Digital identification
    • Civil registration and vital statistics
  • City nuisance reports
  • Voting
  • Public transportation
  • Health
    • Health Information Systems
    • Medical Records Systems
  • Education
  • Social security
  • (Municipal) (front end) case management