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FOSDEM 2022 is coming up

The first weekend of February traditionally is the time for FOSDEM and this year we proposed a track, or devroom as FOSDEM calls it, for public code.

Why did we do that? The short answer is that we felt there was no better place for people working on public code to come together and share their knowledge. And such a place is needed since there are so many public organizations around the world working on this. For the first time, the community can get together in a fully dedicated track for and by public coders.

We were pleased to see a number of great submissions and have put together a day that we believe will make for an interesting mix. There will be talks covering policy and collaboration with examples from different contexts. We also have talks on discoverability for reuse and community and finally a number of concrete examples of public code codebases in the areas of participatory democracy, health and education. The day is starting with the more overarching talks which are followed by the more practical talks in the end. We want to thank everybody who made a submission!

You can find the full schedule here.

All the talks will be pre-recorded and end with a live Questions and Answers section. The speakers will also be available in the chat during the talk and we hope for a lively discussion there.

We have tried to keep the schedule with enough room to enable short breaks in between the talks. If you need a longer break, don’t worry, the talks will be available later as well on the FOSDEM website.

FOSDEM doesn’t require you to register for the event, but you will have to create an account to be able to participate in the discussions. You’ll find all the important links here.

To get some insight to what some of the speakers are looking forward to, we’re hosting a Twitter space on February 1, 18.00 UTC. If you are still curious, join us there.

See you at FOSDEM!