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Audrey Tang joins our Strategic Council

We’re delighted to announce that Audrey Tang, Digital Minister of Taiwan, has joined the Strategic Council of the Foundation for Public Code. We’re so honored that we’ll benefit from Audrey’s energy, vision and experience as we advance our mission to enable public-purpose software and policy that is open and collaborative.

Audrey says:

“Public digital infrastructure is essential for today’s public service. As the “mòda” (motor) of digital transformation within our government, our upcoming Ministry of Digital Affairs will deploy public code and actively assist in internationalization and localization, continuously integrating these building blocks into useful digital services.

Taiwan’s experiences in rolling out public code and co-creating digital services warrant sharing worldwide; collaboration strengthens democracies and makes us greater than the sum of our parts.”

Audrey looking into the camera wearing a coat in front of a building. Image licensed CC BY-NC 4.0 by 溫浚富

We define ‘public code’ as open source software developed by public organizations, together with the policy and guidance needed for reuse. The Foundation for Public Code works with public organizations to grow collaborative open source software communities that are democratically accountable.

Thank you, Audrey!