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16 July 2020 Foundation for Public Code community call


Update from the Foundation for Public Code

  • The Internet Society Netherlands gave us an encouragment award, as part of their 2020 innovation award
  • We are currently following up after the OpenZaak market consultation


After a round of introductions and a brief overview of the Foundation for Public Code, a wider unstructured discussion started that centered around the questions below.

I cannot find your blog from your website, where is it?

We haven’t put a link there yet because the blog is new and does not have much content (yet). But perhaps it’s time to change that: we already have an issue for it. The blog is available at

Am I meant to join this call? I feel like an outsider when most of the participants are from the Foundation for Public Code.

Yes! If you want to be a part of the community, you are welcome. We find it important to have as many discussions in the open as possible and since our staff are also part of the community, most of them join these calls. Usually we like to use these calls to discuss topics that affect the ecosystem we are in and where wider input is useful rather than promoting our work.

Is there a list of codebases you work on? As a vendor I want to know codebases that I can offer help around, so this would be helpful from a commercial perspective.

We are working on that!