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Notes from the Standard for Public Code community call - 4 November 2021


Updates from the Foundation



In the Standard for Public Code, we talk about contexts without really defining it. We would like to get more input before we create a glossary term.


We agreed that even though there was some notion of what it might mean, the term was ambiguous enugh to deserve a clarification. After some discussion, this is our proposal for the glossary:

Different contexts - two contexts are different if they are different public organizations or different departments for which there is not one decision maker that could make collaboration happen naturally.


Background of non-English

In our community call in September, we talked about non-English terms. We have had a discussion in the ongoing pull requests and would like to make a final check before merging them.

Notes of non-English

We agreed that it would be good to better define what plain English means in the Standard for Public Code. We agreed to:

  • make a a glossary definition inline with our requirement today (lower secondary education reading level, as recommended by the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2)
  • make sure that all places that needs it, uses this term
  • move the suggested link to Further reading as it adds value, but isn’t specific as a definition

After discussing the new requirement about policy being executed we agreed that using the term business domain would open it too wide. We also recognized the need for using non-English terms, but that all the relevant use cases that we could see, would in effect be covered by our suggestions.