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Pruning the Standard for Public Code backlog - one issue at the time

Two months ago during one of our regular community calls for the Standard for Public Code, our lead codebase steward for quality, Eric Herman, initiated a review of some of the oldest issues in the backlog. Even though it’s a quite hard task, doing issue and git archeology, we felt that it was absolutely worth taking the time for it. During just an one hour long session we managed to close two issues as outdated or obsolete, mark two as a good first issue, identify two topics for future community calls and give a deadline for another two to close if no reponse was given.

That is why we decided to do it again last month. We made similar progress and felt that we were on to something. Besides actually doing the work, we also felt that reviewing them openly, with the possibility for anyone interested to join, was a good step for us to do even more work in the open.

Based on this, we’ll continue our journey to include our community as much as possible in our work, so we recently added this process to our documentation. We hope to see you soon in our future backlog pruning sessions!