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OSPO Alliance and annual report: June 2021 newsletter

In June, we broadened our horizons 🌍, with participation in a number of international events and an exciting new initiative.


  • the OSPO Alliance launched! We’re proud to be a founding member of this new coalition to help organizations discover and understand open source.
  • Leonardo Favario joined us for the 6th episode of our Let’s Talk About Public Code podcast to talk about Italy’s unique national approach to supporting public code
  • we published our first annual report - read about our achievements so far and plans for the year ahead

Upcoming events

We have no confirmed external events coming up - instead, we’re looking forward to summer breaks.

  • The July Foundation for Public Code community call will take place on Thurs, 15 July at 15.00 CEST. We’re still deciding the topic - let us know if there’s anything you’d like to talk about.
  • We’ll be hosting 2 half-day reviews of our oldest documentation on 22 July and 26 August. You’re welcome to join us - check our Twitter account the week before for more details.

Codebase stewardship news

There are currently 4 codebases in stewardship with the Foundation for Public Code: Demodam, Digital Omgevingsbeleid, Openzaak and Signalen.

Updates this month include:

Stewards now do their weekly planning on a public kanban board - follow along with their work.

Other news

  • Our community Jitsi tool is ready for use
  • Eric Herman has accepted a 1 year appointment as an interim board member. We look forward to learning from Eric’s 6 years on the board of the MariaDB Foundation
  • We’ve adopted a new approach to keeping the Standard fresh: we’re doing an open monthly backlog review

In case you missed it