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Episode eight of Let’s talk about public code!

In the eighth episode of Let’s talk about public code, and our first anniversary, we talked to Gabriella Gómez-Mont from Experimentalista.

With a background as Chief Creative Officer for Mexico City and founder of Laboratorio para la Ciudad, the award-wining experimental arm and creative think tank of the Mexico City government, alongside engagements in the Netherlands, UK, USA, South Korea and Canada, Gabriella have global perspective on public code.

We also revealed a new strategic council for the Foundation for Public Code, and Gabriella is our first person on it.

You can find the podcast at or by searching in your favorite podcast app.

Gabriella, Alba and Eric chatting in a video chat grid

Where can I find the video?

The video is available in a number of places:

What’s next?

The next episode will be in October. If you have any suggestions for public coders we should talk to in the future, reach out to us on Twitter or comment in an issue in our Projects repository.